As a business, you strive to create value in every product and service you provide. The Internet of Things (IoT) enables you to leverage the technology you have to deploy smarter solutions.

Cabot Technology Solutions is one of the premier app development companies to offer business solutions and consultancy services incorporating IoT. Partner with us to capitalize on the Internet of Things trend and build a futuristic digital business.

Internet of Things

Why Choose Cabot for IoT?

Cabot’s professional team of IoT consultants help your business gain exposure to the current IoT trends and applications, and enable you to implement futuristic technology that will boost your business growth at a rapid pace.



We highly value the trust our clients have placed in our company and work diligently to fulfill it.


Cabot Technology Solutions has successfully partnered with dozens of international businesses to provide world class solutions for their technology needs.


Cabot is committed to meeting project deadlines without compromising on quality.


We have a great reputation for delivering high-quality technology solutions with a quick turnaround time.


Our professionals have vast knowledge, skills and experience in emerging technologies.


Cabot can deploy multiple teams of experienced professionals who have been trained in all the latest IoT trends and technologies to work on your project.

Applications of IoT

IoT has Transformed the Financial Services Sector

The financial service sector has started implementing IoT technology to
maintain prompt communication with customers through intelligent devices.
Banks and financial institutions are adopting IoT to engage audience,
boost productivity and improve customer experience.

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IoT has been Successfully Adopted by the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has been quick to implement IoT by upgrading
their infrastructure, thereby providing a better experience for patients.
The seamless connection between IoT devices enables healthcare
providers to monitor their clients and give them better care.

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IoT has Revolutionized the Retail Sector

The Internet of Things has made significant impact on the retail industry
and can be rightly touted as the major force behind the third
industrial revolution. IoT allows retailers to digitize practically
everything related to their sales and marketing processes.

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IoT has made a Positive Impact on Farming and Agriculture

Innovations in IoT have allowed technology to step in and take the
reins of farming, thereby protecting farmers and improving their livelihood.
Smart farming using IoT has allowed agriculturists to optimize their farming
methods, leading to better productivity, less wastage and a profitable harvest.

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IoT has been Eagerly Embraced by the Automobile Industry

The advent of Internet of Things has made smart cars a reality. The wave of
connectivity brought about by IoT has impacted the world of futuristic automobiles.
Driverless cars and intellgient Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I)
technology will only evolve further in the coming days.

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Connected Things Will Be in Use in 2016
Billion is projected for the IoT healthcare sector by 2020
Vehicles will be connected to the Internet by 2020

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