prestashop vs opencart [infographic]

If you aim to start a business involving e-commerce, then utilize the services of a shopping cart - a piece of software that can be built using platforms like PrestaShop, OpenCart and so on.

In this infographic, we aim to compare the two competing shopping cart platforms, PrestaShop and OpenCart in an effort to decide which would be better of the two.

Prestashop, released in 2007 is a self-hosted platform published under Open Source License. It provides online, premise and mobile compatible solutions for SME businesses.

OpenCart, on the other hand, was released in 2009, and is an open source ecommerce management system that can also provide on premise, online and mobile solutions for SME. It is published under General Public License.

Both the platforms come with their share of features and benefits. It all depends on what you are trying to develop, your budget, and how big your shopping cart is. They do have their own similarities, like the programming language for instance, where both platforms run on PHP with MySQL Database.

PrestaShop has several commercial features like layered navigation, coupons, cross-selling etc. For OpenCart, you may need to use paid extensions. PrestaShop comes with more extensions and themes, allows for better optimization possibilities.

Another attractive feature of PrestaShop is that it comes with attractive documentation though the engine is slightly complicated. But it does have a set of amazing functionalities that will make your work faster.

OpenCart comes with its own set of basic features, complete with a powerful catalog functionality and excellent order processing mechanism. If you need caching facilities, OpenCart does not provide that; so you may have to add the feature using the extensions. Similarly, you may have to use additional plugins for SEO as well, for OpenCart, unlike PrestaShop.

The infographic given below displays a comparison between PrestaShop and OpenCart. Have a look at it and decide for yourself which is the best!


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