myhealingmate - healthcare community platform
An online community solution to engage with the right audience and to get peer support for various health conditions.

Healthcare Community Platform

Empowering Patient experience with an online community and digital consultation.
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Our client had a great idea for a healthcare application for Indian patients to share their life-altering conditions, their symptoms, treatments, in a social community and connect and chat with patients with similar conditions. It was also planned to include online patient-doctor consultations, prescriptions, and the booking of appointments.
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Cabot team performed a detailed comparison study of options available to implement such a feature - a range spanning from build-from-scratch to licensing a healthcare regulation-compliant, third-party tool. Given the time constraint imposed by the go-to-market plan, a suitable SDK needed to be selected considering such factors as - compliance, data security, scalability, technology/platform compatibility, workflow flexibility, and most importantly, ongoing support. was selected as the communication partner - a comprehensive platform, rather than a siloed webcam application which, no doubt, would have been cheaper and easier at the moment, but would have entailed many complications and rework down the road. Agora provides data protection as it is a GDPR certified application. Developer-level customization and on-time technical support is also an attractive factor for selecting
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Cabot has developed the web and mobile application and has successfully integrated the Agora SDK in its communication modules. The user interface has been designed similar to the common social media applications so that the patient can easily use it. The feature rich mobile and web application enable patients to share their experience, chat with their peers and seek guidance from experts. Patients can consult doctors online and Cabot ensured the platform fulfilled the HIPAA guidelines and followed the guidelines given by the Ministry of Health.