Has your business been growing? It must be, for sure! More projects for your business means more profit for you. You are probably running around to ensure that you have new challenging projects in hand. But your existing projects need to be delivered perfectly on time, and you are also required to provide excellent ongoing support and maintenance.

Why not have an offshore team to help you, take up all the extra responsibilities and give you peace of mind? That is exactly what a dedicated development team does. They work closely with your company to ensure that the project gets completed before the stipulated time as per the requirements and if required, provide support and maintenance after delivery too.Well, that is just one aspect of what a dedicated development team can do for your business.

Read on more to understand why you should invest in a dedicated development team, if you are aiming big for your company.

1. Offer Support to Your Present Staff

An offshore development team works closely with your current employees. So if there is anything that cannot be solved by in house experts, the offshore expertise will definitely help. This comes in handy when you need a couple of extra coders to finish the project on time, or a new testing team to uncover the bugs, get feedback and fix them.

2. Expand the Talent Pool

Quite often, the project could very well be challenging, and you might need specific skilled people to resolve it. But what if the local availability is limited? Training current employees or hiring new ones with a specific skill set will incur immense time delay.

With an offshore dedicated development team, you can choose to keep a back-up of resources with such specialized skills. This way, you can expand your existing talent pool without additional cost or delay.

3. Always Deliver Projects on Time

A dedicated development team has much more expertise because of exposure with different clients and multiple projects. They have exceptional organisational and managerial skills which enable them to collate the best resources and finish the project on time. By investing in one such team, you will never miss another deadline!

4. Avail Project Maintenance and Support from Experts

After the existing project delivery, your team will get busy with new projects. But what about minor bug fixes and required maintenance for the delivered project? Putting project support on the shoulders of employees will take a toll on their performance.

You can easily outsource maintenance and support to your dedicated development team. This ensures enhanced customer satisfaction and faster bug fixes without affecting your new projects.

5. Never Lose a New Client

It could happen that your team is busy with the current project and a new client shows up with an even more challenging project. Taking it up will put the entire process in trouble, and not doing so will make you lose that client for ever!

If you have a dedicated development team in place, you can easily take up the new project and get started with the work. Having a dedicated development team ensures that you never lose a new client.

6. Financial Gain for Your Company

When your company grows, it is obvious you need to hire more employees as well. But increasing the number of employees on payroll will come with additional responsibilities like, expanding the infrastructure, salary, pension and other benefits.

On the other hand, an offshore dedicated development team is already equipped with infrastructure and skills. By investing in a dedicated offshore development team instead of hiring more employees, there is less overhead cost for the company.

7. Save Money without Downsizing

The dedicated development team can be hired on a contract basis unlike your permanent employees. So when things go south, you can retain your employees and discontinue the offshore team for a while.You have a variety of options to save money with a dedicated development team. On the other hand, downsizing employees will affect the reputation of your company as well.

8. Get More from Your Investment

A dedicated development team follows a constructive approach and often works with a higher degree of client focus. Their increased level of responsibility and expertise can always put your project back on track. Further, their experience with multiple clients and projects makes them capable of providing a strong set of recommendations for your project that can improve the customer base.

The customer centric approach of dedicated development teams often provides more future benefits for the company. For example, the support team actually is the only customer interaction wing for the company. If the customers are happy with timely responses and clarifications, they will become more proficient with the product or app and recommend it to others.

This could become your USP as well. The input from these users can be taken into account for future projects, resulting in more user friendly products. Eventually your business will flourish with repeating customers, new customers and excellent products.

All of this is possible by investing in a dedicated development team. The process of hiring a dedicated development team is a long one. So ensure that you invest in one right now to avoid any possible delay in the future. Do all the analysis beforehand to choose the optimum dedicated team for your company, well before the need arises.

Without a doubt, a dedicated development team is the ideal solution for a company that’s looking for feasible solutions to meet challenges with a talented and experienced bunch of people. In a nutshell, a dedicated development team is the key to fill in the gaps and ensure quality execution of your projects.

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