7 Ways to Increase User Engagement Within Your Mobile App

These days creating an app is almost like child's play. The challenge lies in is building and maintaining a loyal and engaged user base. For that, your app needs to be highly innovative, competitive and yet unique. After all, mere 'sign-ups' are not enough to get things going in your favor.
People who simply click an "OK" button might not actually translate into real, committed customers. A strong user-base is the ultimate result of quite a few elements, all working in unison.
Although it is true that the nature of engagement would vary across different businesses, here are a few factors that would help you to enhance your app’s user engagement.

1. Focus on Making a Good First Impression

Your attempt to transform the user into a committed customer should be initiated right from the very first instance of interaction. Ensure that the first experience is delightful, with absolutely no hiccups. The interaction should be simple, with minimal complications.
Help users make the most of your app promptly and in an effortless manner. Strike a chord with the user right from the beginning. Give them a fresh outlook as you take them on a tour, explaining the different services that your app has to offer.
The first screen they see should instill confidence in them to kick off the app and give it a try. Ensure users get prompt assistance, whenever required.

2. Welcome Users Heartily

Do not take your customers for granted. Instead, make them feel valuable. Greeting them with a personal welcome note will do wonders for your business. Welcome messages have the potential to initiate hundreds of conversations. Every new sign up should be addressed and welcomed heartily.
Interacting with the customers will spark their interest in trying out your app. Effective conversations not only help you build a loyal customer base, but also, understand how exactly the app is put to use. You get a first hand idea of instructions that are being misunderstood or features that are causing confusion.

3. Ensure a Hassle-Free Sign Up

Make sure that you provide an extremely effortless on-boarding experience. Signing up should be a hassle free process with minimal information fields, and totally devoid of any confusing functionalities.
Do not try to dump too much information on the user; instead, guide them through the different functionalities. Provide them with just what they need to know at a given stage and nothing more.

4. Do Not Overwhelm Your User

Of course, your app might have more features than the user expects. But in your attempt to highlight all the features and impress your customer, you may end up overwhelming them. Nothing is more irritating than out-of-context emails, badly timed FAQs and other useless alerts.
The annoyed user might even check your app’s notifications altogether. Give them time to settle down and explore your app. As a product owner, you can proudly showcase your app’s features before them, but only when they are actually ready for it.
At the same time, you need to ensure that they get to know what they want without any trouble. If they have a question, it should be cleared promptly. Always ensure that the information you provide is extremely relevant and updated. Enabling the ability to provide feedback within the app greatly increases your chance for improvisation.

5. Let Users Share their Experience

In order to make your users interact more personally and remain committed, you can try creating a community. Allow users to share their experience. In fact, what better way to market your app than actual customers vouching for it? Such activities will greatly enhance user engagement levels and will improve their brand loyalty manifold.

6. Make Users Hang Around

You need to know exactly who your current users are. It is also important that you are aware of their interaction levels. Only then will you be able to give them the information they need, encourage them to return to your app and remain active. They should get reasons to hang around, if not they will just leave outright.
Giving users innovative incentives is yet another way to keep them engaged. Try out prize coupons, special offers or even specific rewards to drive conversations and ensure engagement. The way you incentivize your user depends solely on the nature of your application.
Moreover, if you know your users well, you will be able to offer them a more personalized experience. The more your application suits the specific requirements of your users, the more they’ll tend to be loyal to it. Well-tailored push notifications that serve specific purposes are found to engage users effectively.
But you have to be extremely careful while sending push notifications. If not implemented properly and timed perfectly, they will have an extremely adverse effect on your users and will certainly irritate them.

7. Keep Track of their Behavior

Do not underestimate your users. Your app has to be well updated with the latest technological trends. Updating the app with additional features and personalized content on a regular basis will give it a fresh look and feel. Users are sure to remain committed to such well-updated and highly functional apps.
You need to keep a constant track of consumer behavior and effectively monitor user feedback. You have to be aware of their precise requirements in order to mold your updates accordingly. Only then will your users find your updates valuable and useful.User engagement and retention are thus as important as getting hold of new users. The above steps will help you transform new users to committed long-time ones and thereby produce more revenue.

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