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Thinking of organizing a corporate or social event in the near future? Then it might be a good idea to consider the many advantages presented by mobile event apps in helping stage a successful event like a conference. Mobile event apps help add some dynamism and interactivity, in addition to dealing with some of the common logistical problems of organizing an event. The type of features vary depending on the app and are targeted for different conference needs. Some are created for hosting larger conferences, whilst others are for smaller, more intimate events. Below are some of the key reasons, why you may want to consider using a mobile event app for your next conference.

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Confirm Attendance

There is nothing as frustrating as not having the expected number of people turn up for a conference. This normally occurs due to poor communication and planning. For large conferences, it is important that the actual number of participants is known so plans can be made accordingly. Mobile event apps allow participants to confirm their attendance and synchronize the same with their local calendar. Being able to do so through their mobile phone is convenient for participants, which could increase the number of people likely to attend.

Use iBeacons to organize Seating

In some conferences, it is important that people be seated according to a certain pattern. A good example is when you want to encourage networking within groups with similar interests, or you want to make sure that participants sit based on certain criteria. Although still quite new, iBeacon technology can be integrated with certain mobile event apps to guide guests on where they need to be seated, based on the confirmed or arranged sitting arrangements. The apps can also be programmed to send a message to welcome guests as they enter the conference venue, or to notify them if there are sitting in the wrong place.

Host Interactive Conferences

Keeping the audience engaged is key to helping you achieve the goals of your conference, especially for those that span a long period of time. It is possible to organize polls for which participants can vote in real-time and the results can be displayed on a widescreen. Participants can also be given a chance to give feedback on a session or answer questions as part of a quiz during the conference. These polls and surveys can be deployed using mobile event apps. They allow organizers to take advantage of gatherings to perform certain surveys and get a higher response rate when compared to surveys taken through other channels.

Networking Through Mobile Event apps

With a mobile event app, participants do not have to wait for a coffee break in order to network with fellow attendees. They can do it while the conference is going on. Depending on the features, some mobile event apps allow the user to select the kind of person they want to interact with based on certain criteria like the number of years experience in a certain industry, position in a certain company, etc. As an organizer, you can even charge a fee for users to access contact information on some of the participants.

Sponsorship Opportunities

A number of opportunities exist for sponsors to market their products through mobile event apps. Ads can be positioned in strategic areas around the app, for maximum visibility and a higher click-through rate. Users can also get alerts about certain products and promotions during the event. Mobile event apps provide a number of opportunities for both organizers and participants to reap the most benefits from conferences. Organizers can achieve a higher return on investment through paid sponsorships and other app monetization methods. Attendees get to network in real-time and are more involved in the conference through interactive features of mobile apps such as polls and surveys, or instant messaging. Organizing your next conference through a mobile app is key to achieving a successful conference.

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