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Cabot, a leading Azure Service Management company with more than 15 years of technical experience and a full commitment to delivering world-class products and services, helps the users to transform their ideas into solutions, provides end-to-end management experiences, and delivery of application with the agile development methodology in a faster and secure manner with Azure services.

Microsoft Azure is one of the best public cloud computing platform providers in the world. Azure services management is a process that helps to manage and control your entire cloud operations such as delivery, deployments, hosted services, and assets in the Azure cloud service platform. This technology has the ability to scale the user application in the cloud in response to changes in demand in a rapid way. Azure continues to provide 24/7 support for each of your cloud computing needs as it has multiple data center regions across the globe.

We, at Cabot, help you optimize your cloud resources, manage departmental budgets, and allocate costs by providing free Azure Cost Management. We guarantee high levels of quality in our services, we are a reliable and experienced partner, we have a customer-focused approach.

Benefits of Azure

Easily Implement ready-to-use IoT

Design, Development, and implementation of the most common IoT scenarios are easy through the preconfigured solutions in Azure IoT Suite.

Fast and Secure

Transform your ideas into solutions, faster with Azure services, end-to-end management experiences, and app delivery with the agile development methodology.


Azure acts as an open and flexible cloud platform for enterprises that need to build, manage and deploy apps fast.

Advanced Analytics Solution

Building, Customising and Deploying data with solution templates and enable transformative on your data using Business Analytics solutions.

Cost Competitive

Optimize your cloud resources, manage departmental budgets, and allocate costs with free Azure Cost Management.

Ability to Scale on Demand

Microsoft Azure technology delivers the ability to rapidly scale your application in the cloud in response to changes in demand.

Disaster Recovery

Azure provides you a business continuity plan that includes disaster recovery without the expense of secondary infrastructure.

Customer Support

With multiple data center regions across the globe, Azure provides 24/7 support for your cloud computing needs.


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