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Custom Healthcare Software Development 

When it comes to developing software for the healthcare industry, there are a few key considerations that need to be taken into account. The first is privacy and security. Healthcare data is some of the most sensitive information out there, so it’s crucial that any software developed for the industry is built with strict security measures in place. Another important consideration is compliance. There are a number of regulations that healthcare organizations need to adhere to, so any software developed for the industry needs to be compliant with these regulations. Finally, it’s important to consider the user experience. Healthcare software needs to be easy to use for both clinicians and patients alike.
If you’re considering developing healthcare software, keep these three key considerations in mind. Doing so will help you create a solution that meets the needs of the healthcare industry and provides a positive experience for all users.
Healthcare software development covers a wide range of applications and systems, from patient engagement platforms to medical imaging software. To provide the best possible care for patients, healthcare software developers need to have a deep understanding of the healthcare sector.
Healthcare software development is not just about building apps for patients. It’s also about supporting and maintaining those apps so that they continue to meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals alike.
At its heart, healthcare software development is about improving patient care. By working closely with healthcare professionals, we can ensure that our solutions make a real difference in the lives of those who need them most.

Types of Healthcare Mobile Applications

Medical Diagnostic Solutions

Deliver better care and improve patient satisfaction with our Diagnostic Solutions. The diagnostic app helps the patients to identify what is going on in their body and take preventive care.

Disease Management Solutions

Improve health outcomes by helping patients and their providers manage chronic diseases such as diabetes and asthma by recording health status ensuring proper health progress.

Patient Engagement App

This app helps the providers to engage and to communicate with their patients. The aspects include Appointment reminders, health tips, patient management etc. The apps empower patients to manage their own health through Cabot’s patient engagement solutions.

Appointment Management App

Manage and maintain appointments from anywhere, anytime. These apps allow a patient or a primary health center to book appointments of any doctor in any specialty in any hospital covered by the app.

Wellness App

The wellness app allows the patients to take care of their wellness ranging from sleep, diet, and exercise. The provider can engage with the patients and help them achieve their goals.

Telemedicine App Development

Bringing patients and doctors close to each other through telemedicine solutions. The patients can get the required healthcare from the right doctor at any time. The patients can do a video chat and can exchange their medical records.

Ambulatory Care App Development

This app allows a variety of patient information on a single mobile device by the physicians. Providers can view the results, book appointments, order drugs, and track the patient's progress to name a few.


This app is developed for dispensing medicines based on the prescription given by the doctor. This app is synchronized with the hospital pharmacy for efficient drug management.

Fitness App

The App helps the users keep fit by tracking their daily activity, the number of calories burned, their weight and also maintains a list of workout programs. The app also provides APIs to integrate with wearable devices and allows users to share their success stories in various communities.

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