how to outsource your mvp development to a dedicated engineering team

The process of getting an idea turned into a product isn’t easy. There’s likely a good bit of brainstorming that takes place before you even know where to begin. The best way to start is by finding a roadmap for development. When writing this roadmap, many companies work within the structure of what their team can offer in terms of development. Those days are over.

There’s no reason to limit your idea and its potential impact on what you and your team can handle. In fact, you might not even have the wherewithal to develop a new digital product. A ton of companies who have expert coding teams don’t even worry about developing the early stages of their new projects. That’s where hiring a dedicated engineering team for your minimum viable product comes in handy.

Today, we’re going to walk through what an MVP is and why it’s something you should hand off to outside experts. Nobody likes putting their grand idea in the hands of someone else, but in this case, it makes the most sense if you want to see your idea succeed. Let’s first start by briefly touching on what an MVP is.

Understanding MVPs

what is a minimum viable product (MVP)

You might have a few “most valuable players” on your team, but that’s not what this MVP is referring to. A minimum variable product is the most basic version of your product. With a limited set of features, the MVP is the most straightforward way to engage with the spirit and utility of your product. Think of this as a functioning way to test what your product is capable of by simply building out its most basic features.

A lot of companies use MVPs to get feedback on their product ideas. The goal is to get feedback as quickly as possible before entering a full build cycle, so that means the MVP needs to be developed quickly. The fastest way to accomplish this is to seek out an expert digital strategy agency to develop the MVP for you. Let’s explore why this is the most logical option for your project.

Why Outsourcing MVP Development is the Best Option for New Products

MVP development outsourcing

It’s natural to hesitate to hand over your new project to an outside company. You’re likely worried about turnaround time, the cost of hiring someone else to work on your project, and even issues of security and privacy. It’s all logical and it shows you care about the success of this project. That said, here’s why outsourcing makes the most sense if you want a successful launch.

Access to the Industry’s Best Developers

MVP development - Industry best developer

No matter if your organization has no programming experience or a limited scope of what your team can handle, outsourcing MVP development ensures you have the best of the best working on the product. Plus, you open yourself up to a development cycle that can quickly turn around an MVP for fast customer feedback. When you hire a dev agency to work on your project, you’re bringing in multiple experts with years (and sometimes decades) of experience to the table.

Workplace communication platform Slack famously outsourced their MVP for a simple reason: they wanted the best possible product in a quick turnaround. By finding a company who could handle the job with experts on staff, they got the MVP they needed to launch a basic version of their service. 10+ million users later, things worked out great for them because they got what they needed and it worked from the get-go. Now, the Slack team focuses on QOL updates and pinpointing what users want from the platform.

Save Your Team Time and Money

advantage of MVP development outsourcing

Even an MVP’s minimalist approach to development can take time, especially if you’re a startup low on human capital. Why not put the project in the hands of a team who isn’t balancing a million and one things on their to-do list? This way, your team can focus on the launch of the MVP when it’s ready and future updates and development.

It’s not just startups that outsource their development, however. Google employs nearly 90,000 people but outsources their development projects and other services to even more people than that. Whether it’s individual contractors or agencies, Google knows that certain things make more sense in terms of organizational time management to hand over to someone else. It’s not just a time constraint either. Hiring a full-time developer for your team is likely more expensive than hiring a company to build out your MVP. Let an expert team do the work for less; it makes sense now and will continue to be a valuable hand-off tactic as you grow.

Setting Up for Success with MVP Outsourcing

Successful MVP development outsourcing

An MVP is an invaluable step in the creation of your next great project. While outsourcing might trigger worry and hesitation at first, hopefully, you see how beneficial this approach can be. Choosing the right digital strategy agency is easy when you look at the incredible teams available to work on your MVP. Get started on turning that good idea into a great product by outsourcing your MVP development.



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