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Cabot Technology Solutions in collaboration with International Pharmaceutical Company Lupin helped Ernakulam General Hospital with a requirement of 2000 full-body gowns for non-covid patients and treatment staff.

Lupin Foundation, an independent entity that helps in implementing Lupin’s CSR activities all over India, directly delivered the gowns to the Hospital after understanding their requirements. The total project was worth around INR 15 Lakhs.

The initiation was led by Cabot’s CEO, Mr. Venkatesh Thyagarajan who was happy to see this as an opportunity for collaboration with a potential pharma client.

“ As pioneers in Healthcare Software Solutions in the United States and Canada , engaging in CSR activities with hospitals and the healthcare domain is very important to us. I would like to thank Mr. Sreeji Gopinathan, Global CIO of Lupin who was instrumental in realizing this request to fruition. “, says Venkatesh Thyagarajan.

We are happy to have explored this new commitment with Lupin and would like to thank them for their timely action and support!