The long hours of brainstorming and meticulous work have come to an end, and your app is ready for release. You may even dream that your app is one of a kind - unique, with none to rival it. But the reality is something else and you know that pretty well.

Your app stands with millions of other apps about to be released around the time you are releasing yours. So how do you ensure the success of your app? Why should people turn to your app when they have so many other options? The answer is simple - Quality.

You make sure your app is made of finer quality when compared to contemporary apps. This leads to another question - how do you make sure your app has the quality that people demand? This answer is simple as well; you just have to read this article and follow the tips carefully.

Automated Testing

Developers check for discrepancies and bugs, but they are human and to err is human. So you have to take your app through an automated testing process to make sure bugs are properly recognized and rectified. As the process is automated, you don’t have to spend too much time on this process. Now that sounds great, doesn’t it?

Rolling Out as a Test Dose

Now, when your app is ready to release, why don’t you first release it to a small group of people who would give you an honest opinion about the pros and cons of your app? When you release the test dose, you can also catch any missed bugs too. It doesn’t matter if you have to move the release date, because perfection is the key.

Keep a Ear Pressed to the Ground

Marketplace monitoring is crucial prior to and post app release. Keep your ear pressed to the ground to feel the vibrations and reverberations created by your app. Addressing user concerns will take your app to the top charts. Additionally, you must open a direct channel with your loyal users to prevent one star ratings from popping in the user reviews.

Take all Criticism with a Pinch of Salt

While users are a great help in identifying any flaws of your app, do not let them run the show for you. You have your own reason/vision for developing a particular app. The user may or may not be aware of that, and if you were to automatically take their suggestions into consideration, you may deviate from the goal. This will prevent you from creating that perfect app that your dreamt about.

Update your Release Plans to the Latest Demands

Really, time is just not on your side. If you have an app to release, you better do it real quick because there may be another company creating an app similar to yours. And that is not the only thing you have to take care of. You have to ensure compatibility of variables like screen size, network connectivity, CPU/GPU, sensors, battery, memory and so on. As new dynamics come in, you have to ensure the app is compatible with them too.

Sometimes, your team will have to face challenges during each stage of the project like creating the code, building the app, testing it and even while deploying the end-user application. If that is the case, then you might have to rethink your methodologies and ensure gaps are filled. Pre-agile practices are just not enough these days, so out the door they go.

Pay Attention to Risk Areas

Every app has a risk area that might require more attention than all other areas. Make sure you devote a major share of the test resources so you can sift through and alienate any bugs that may unknowingly filter through. This is where automation comes in. You can focus on high-priority test areas and even increase the test cycles (in those areas) to reduce the threat of defects and bugs.

Get your Requirements Right

The major reason for releasing an app is to meet business requirements and provide amazing user experience to your customers. Once you have the requirements in the right order, it means less rework and that leads to less retesting. You can release your app faster and according to schedule.

Get Multiple Opinions

To lock the quality of the app, ensure you get multiple testers to test the app. Not only will you get multiple opinions on various areas of the project, but you will also get the testing done successfully for multiple issues. Most companies crowdsource testing to make sure everything is covered; even the ones you and your team may have missed.

Finally, Take Notes

Note taking is important even when you are testing the app. Your developers and testers may suggest plenty of changes; it is imperative you keep a log of all their accounts so you don’t miss a thing. Maintain a second log where you cross off all the noted points.

Now that you have followed these tips carefully, be ready to open the champagne bottle and celebrate - you’ve just released an immensely successful bug-free app. True, quality control is an agonizing process, but definitely worth the effort, every step of the way.

On a final note, you are aware of the quality guidelines mandated by Google and Apple, aren’t you? It is extremely important to follow these guidelines if your app is to be accepted for submission.Ensuring the quality of your app will go a long way in assuring its success in the app store. Allow us to help you build the best app that meets all your requirements and exceeds them.

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