Interested in having a new web application developed for your business? Looking to add new functionality to an existing app?

We partner with emerging companies worldwide, creating custom web applications that help businesses run smoother. As a leader in enterprise web application development, our passion for technology, commitment to excellence and enthusiasm for innovation underscores every project we undertake. Our team of experienced designers, web app developers and managers are fully qualified to craft the solution your business needs to take it to the next level.

Enterprise Web Applications


Managing and integrating all the different facets of your business is hard. We develop robust .Net applications to help your business run more effectively. Together we can help you reach a new level of automation.

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Cloud computing has literally changed the face of business. We leverage cloud platforms to enhance your business functionality. We unlock your cloud possibilities to meet your computing and hosting needs.

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Open Source

Open Source is one of the best development methodologies for enterprise web applications. The open source solutions we develop are sure to be secure, scalable and customer-centric, be it for a small or large business.

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Our development team is well versed in PHP, the server side scripting language that has the potential to create dynamic web apps for your business. We can deliver an easy to use enterprise web app to suit your needs.

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Our Expertise

Cabot Technology Solutions is a leading developer of world-class enterprise web applications.
Our team of professionally adept technologists have the acumen and skills to make your app idea a reality.

Product Engineering

User Experience

From developing high quality web applications to migrating existing products to newer technological platforms, Cabot Solutions offers end-to-end services for all aspects in the web domain. Understanding clients’ business practices and providing optimum quality solutions has always been Cabot Solutions’ forte.

User Experience

UI/UX and Web Design

Our user experience consultants support your team with user experience research, strategy, design and evaluation services. Our services focus on identifying specific elements in the web application that projects the look and feel, navigation, functionality, page content and usability.

Test Engineering

Custom Web Development

Cabot assigns an independent testing team to ensure the quality of all deliverables. Our test engineers are involved in every stage of the project development cycle. We utilize a combination of manual and automated testing methods based on project needs to ensure a highly functional enterprise web application.

Our Platforms

Our technical specialists are fluent in a variety of web app development platforms. We focus on identifying the technology that will work best for your company, and craft quality apps that your teams would be comfortable working with. Our developers are trained in all the latest methodologies, so you can rest assured that the enterprise web application we create for your company is the best of its kind.


Cabot has been actively working on Microsoft .NET technology and integration services. It can be easily configured to meet your specific needs. We build solutions that emphasize information management, application security and reliability.

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Our dedicated team ameliorates the development of apps in PHP, the server side scripting language which has an equal potential to be used as general purpose programming language. Looking for a PHP team to help you build an awesome app?

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Our team has the knowledge and expertise in crafting premier web applications using Node.js that can be executed on a number of platforms. Looking for an experienced team to help you build an awesome app?

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Ruby On Rails

Cabot utilizes the versatility of Ruby on Rails, an open source web application framework, to create quality web apps for your enterprise. If you’re looking for an app that’s easy to develop and maintain, we can help you.

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Cloud Services

Cabot Technology Solutions provides a host of cloud services targeted to help your business achieve its goals. We provide the cloud infrastructure you need to quickly set up and deploy adequate servers for your projects. Our cloud consultants perform a quick evaluation of your business and technical requirements, provide a customized feasibility assessment, and map out a strategy to migrate your existing systems onto the cloud.



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