Transforming Healthcare at HIMSS 2024

Join us at HIMSS 2024 in Orlando, Florida, from March 11-15 and discover how Cabot Solutions is innovating across the entire healthcare spectrum. Whether you're seeking seamless integration, enhanced patient care, or cutting-edge technology solutions, we have the expertise and dedication to help you achieve your goals.

We Integrate:

PointClickCare, Allscripts, Waystar, Ensocare, PDFTRON, Surescripts, EPIC, Synthia, D3.js, HealthGorilla, Acuity, DOMO, Twilio, Zoom, Raygun, Google Maps, Strapi, Agora, Google Analytics, Power BI

    Experience the Future of Healthcare with Cabot

    Explore our comprehensive suite of healthcare IT services, including

    AI & Machine Learning for Healthcare

    Harness the power of AI and machine learning to personalize patient care, predict health outcomes, and optimize operational efficiency. We develop robust AI-powered solutions to diagnose diseases, recommend treatments, and streamline administrative processes.

    Remote Processing Automation (RPA)

    Eliminate repetitive tasks and boost efficiency with RPA solutions tailored to healthcare workflows. Automate tedious processes like claims processing, data entry, and report generation, freeing up valuable time and resources for more strategic tasks.

    SMART on FHIR App Development

    Build interoperable healthcare apps that seamlessly integrate with the latest data standards using SMART on FHIR technology. Develop innovative solutions that foster collaboration, improve workflows, and drive healthcare innovation.

    Healthcare Integration

    Break down data silos and connect your entire healthcare ecosystem seamlessly with our expert integration services. Leverage integrations with leading platforms like PointClickCare, Epic, CarePort, and SureScripts to unify disparate systems and facilitate smooth data exchange.

    Medical Device Software Solutions (BLE/IoT)

    Develop innovative connected devices that unlock the power of remote monitoring and data collection. We engineer secure and reliable BLE/IoT solutions for real-time health data insights, empowering both patients and providers.

    Application Modernization

    Reinvigorate your legacy systems and unlock their full potential with our comprehensive modernization services. Utilize advanced techniques like Test Driven Development, Feature Flagging, Sonarcube Code Quality, DevOps Automation, and Application Monitoring with Sentry for enhanced performance, functionality, and security.

    EHR & EMR Integration Services

    Break down siloed data and enable seamless information exchange across your healthcare systems. Our integration experts connect disparate platforms, allowing for a holistic view of patient health and informed decision-making.

    Healthcare Analytics Solutions

    Gain actionable insights from valuable healthcare data to drive informed decision-making and improve patient outcomes. Our solutions empower you to predict future needs, personalize care plans, and maximize operational efficiency.

    Managed Care Software Solutions

    Optimize care coordination and streamline administrative processes with our robust software solutions. Enhance collaboration between different care providers, reduce redundancies, and ensure seamless transitions for better patient care.

    Medical Diagnostics Solutions

    Leverage cutting-edge technology to analyze data with unparalleled accuracy and deliver faster diagnoses. We empower healthcare providers with advanced solutions to streamline diagnostics, optimize treatment plans, and improve patient outcomes.

    Prototyping and MVP

    Refine your healthcare software ideas before investing in full-scale development with our prototyping and MVP services. Test concepts with potential users, receive valuable feedback, and iterate rapidly to ensure your solution meets real-world needs.

    Mobile Healthcare App Development

    Design and develop engaging, HIPAA-compliant mobile applications that empower patients and providers on the go. We create user-friendly apps for appointment scheduling, health data management, medication reminders, and more, enhancing patient engagement and care delivery.

    Software Testing Services & Automation

    Guarantee top-notch quality and security throughout your software development journey. Our expert testers meticulously scrutinize every application layer, while automation tools expedite the process, ensuring a flawless user experience.

    Healthcare Compliance Software

    Ensure unwavering regulatory adherence and safeguard sensitive patient data with confidence. Our intuitive software simplifies compliance management, streamlines reporting, and minimizes risk exposure.

    Telemedicine Software Development

    Elevate patient care accessibility by facilitating remote consultations with secure, user-friendly software solutions. Empower physicians to diagnose and treat patients virtually, expanding reach and convenience for all.

    Healthcare DevOps

    Implement DevOps practices to accelerate software delivery and drive innovation in your healthcare organization. Optimize collaboration between development and operations teams, automate deployment pipelines, and ensure continuous improvement.

    Cloud Solutions

    We can help you with Architecting, building, and implementing high-available and geographically distributed Cloud solutions compliant with PCI DSS requirements along with cloud infrastructure redundancy, disaster recovery strategy planning, and implementation.

    Ready to join the healthcare transformation?

    Why Cabot

    Your Trusted Partner for Healthcare Compliance Across All Services

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    Why Choose Cabot Solutions?

    Client-Centric Approach

    We prioritize building strong relationships with our clients, understanding their unique needs and exceeding expectations.

    Agile Development Methodology

    We embrace agile development practices to ensure flexibility, efficient communication, and rapid delivery of high-quality solutions.

    Scalable Solutions

    We create software solutions that can evolve alongside your business, adapting to changing needs and industry demands.

    Data Security & Compliance

    We prioritize robust data security measures and ensure compliance with relevant industry regulations.

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