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Few things can be as time consuming as manually testing software for bugs and glitches. Software testing company Cabot Technology Solutions solves that problem with their new custom software testing framework. This saves time, frees up human and financial resources and ensures the end use customer has as positive an experience as possible. Excitement surrounding the possibilities of the new automated software testing is high. Cabot is based out of India, with an active office also in Ohio, in the United States.

"The number of browsers and devices is just growing all the time, so trying to manually test software is just not practical anymore," commented Soumya, QA Lead from Cabot. "Our software testing framework opens the door for real solutions in this area that are both time and cost effective. And most of all, can be depended on."

According to the company, Cabot delivers a wide range of software testing framework options, depending on client needs. All of these can reduce software testing time with automated testing. Both Appium software testing and Selenium software testing are available from the software testing company. Also available are Web Automation Testing, Mobile App Automation Testing, API Automation Testing, Desktop App Automation Testing, Security Testing, and Performance Testing.

All of this work is done to the strictest and highest industry standards.

Cabot employs over 100 skilled employees and has completed over 500 successful projects, earning them a spotless reputation as a software testing company. Now with their new automated software testing framework their reach is only expected to expand, along with their circle of pleased clients.

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