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Leading systems integrator will strengthen ELO adoption in healthcare industry

Boston, MA – December 11, 2018 -- ELO Digital Office USA, enabling businesses to improve collaboration and digitize information management, announced Cabot Technology Solutions as an ELO Digital Office Certified Partner. Headquartered in Cleveland (OH), Cabot has a special focus on the healthcare industry and develops custom software solutions deployed on all major mobile platforms. Cabot, which joins a global network of more than 1000 ELO Business Partners, will implement ELO solutions for document management and workflow automation.

“We take pride in delivering high-value, cost-effective solutions to our customers worldwide,” notes Venkatesh Thyagarajan, CEO of Cabot. “Therefore, we are delighted to partner with an ECM innovator such as ELO. Out-of-the-box, ELO solutions can be integrated with our custom software products, which will accelerate project delivery and create a value-add for our customers.”

With ELOprofessional, Cabot has capabilities for intelligent data analysis, document processing, collaboration, third-party integrations, and data privacy. ELO Workflow provides a framework for building workflows that automate and streamline manual and repetitive business processes.

About ELO Digital Office USA

ELO Digital Office USA provides innovative digital content management solutions for organizations of all sizes and industries throughout the United States. ELOoffice, ELOprofessional, and ELOenterprise give businesses an electronic and secure way to easily capture, archive, and manage business documents and information – both paper-based and digital. A subsidiary of ELO Digital Office GmbH (founded in 1998), ELO USA is headquartered in Boston, MA and is part of a network of global ELO offices throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America. Visit ELO USA. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Cabot Technology Solutions

Cabot Technology Solutions, Inc. is a technology services firms based out of Cleveland, OH with offices in Chicago, IL and Kochi, India. Founded in 2006, the firm specializes in developing custom software products for its clients across the globe. With a strong tech team of 150 engineers spread across three locations, Cabot meets client demands for custom software in the areas of enterprise mobility, digital transformation, and data analytics., Visit Cabot Technology Solutions. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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