API Automation Testing Services & Solutions

Exploring the unpredictable : validating the known

The API makes our applications “smart” and it’s what streamlines the business processes. The rely of applications on API depends on its working efficiency. At Cabot, we test whether the API returns a correct response or output under varying conditions. However, something completely unpredicted may occur which makes the tester’s role crucial in the application development process. Rest-Assured, Soap UI and RIT are some of the tools we specialise in.

Our Approach

Data driven testing for APIs can help increase test coverage and accuracy as APIs are the central hub of data for many applications. At Cabot, we automate API Testing when you follow a continuous software development release cycles. API testing automation even allows you to test in parallel with development. Our QA team can cover the most frequently called API functions by logging the calls for each API function.

Our expertise

Cabot offers end-to-end testing solutions in REST and SOAP APIs.
We provide:
  • A systematic API testing methodology
  • Open source end-to-end API testing frameworks
  • Continuous integration and quality assurance in an agile environment
  • Continuous engagement throughout the product development cycle
  • Focus on minimizing the vulnerabilities and optimizing the cost
  • Report Generation
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