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Why React Native?

Native Experience

Building blocks of React Native are reusable native components and compile to native platform. Therefore, there is no more need to use WebView system components. Native components which are used in iOS or Android platforms are comparable with React. As a result, an app performs as a native app with relevant functionality as well as look and speed.

Beautiful UI

From schlepping top-notch mobile apps to efficient web app development, React Native is all about providing a beautiful user interface. Being under the light of JavaScript and a product by Facebook, React Native never fails to deliver numerous benefits to the developers. These include the provision of virtual DOM, top performance parameters and a lot more

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

It allows you to use the same code for developing both Android and IOS applications. Thus, it gives the same performance outcome without any additional changes. It saves time and cost as you only need a JavaScript developer that is profound with native UI library, APIs, and hybrid mobile app development.

Instant Live Updates

With the extensive use of JavaScript, developers can push the updates directly to the user’s phone and not via the app update cycle.Users enjoy this up to date version. Moreover, the complete procedure is streamlined and simple. Mostly, Microsoft’s live update service CodePush SDK, this integrated with the React Native app to push notifications to the app.

App Load Time Reduction

React Native allows the app development using JavaScript-based declaration programming models resulting in a cleaner, simpler, and easy to understand code. The framework builds highly responsive and fluid mobile UI owning asynchronous JavaScript interactions with the native environment.This results in lower app load time when compared to a typical hybrid app .

Built-in Debugging

In the latest 0.62 version released in late March 2020, React Native added built-in support for Flipper, a mobile apps debugging tool for developers, popular in both Android and iOS communities. Starting with the latest release, React Native has default Flipper support from now on for React Native apps.

Our React Native Expertise

Our React Native app development experts help your company to achieve your business and tech goals, building efficient, responsive and optimized applications in a cost effective way.

React Native Migration Services

We help migrate from other cross-platform to React Native framework in a timely manner without compromising performance.

React Native Cloud Solutions

Our team of experts with knowledge in cloud service can build backend support for React Native.

User Interface Rich Applications Development

Our experts are capable of handling complex UI with meaningful animations

Android And iOS Specific Coding

Our experts can write android and iOS specific codes in order to support different os versions.

App store Submission

As a final step, our experts will publish the iOS version to the App store.

Play Store Submission

Our experts will make sure the availability of the android version in google play store.

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