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With two decades of experience in Web & Mobile Applications development, Cabot is one of the most popular progressive web app development companies across the globe. Our dedicated team of developers build highly secured, reliable, fast & user-friendly applications that run smoothly on all platforms. We work with an aim to optimize and enhance user engagement, better performance, increased conversion, and improved customer journeys & experiences.

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Technology that goes into Progressive Web App Development

Why is a PWA great for your website?


The core benefit of PWA is that it supports all browsers and runs on all devices whether a tablet, a desktop, or a mobile.

Works Offline/ Poor Quality Internet Connection

PWAs provide consistent and glitch-free user experience even with low internet speed; you can save the webpage and it will work offline.


PWAs are easy to install and can be shared via a link or URL. They provide a greater user experience as they turn out to be reliable, fast, and highly secure.

Fast & Reliable

These apps load instantly eliminating network dependence and respond quickly to user interactions without janky scrolling.


PWAs enable users to add these apps to their home screen without any AppStore/ Playstore troubles.

Increased Engagement

PWAs enhance user engagement through push notifications which provides new updates that grab user’s attention and make them reach out to your site all over again.

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