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Connected Devices for Healthcare

Build value and enhance lives through innovative medical technology.

Cabot develops world-class innovative applications for medical devices providing value for the global healthcare vendors. Our Expert tech team based in US and Canada offer highly flexible and intuitive software solutions that help medical device manufacturers to be compliant with healthcare regulations and standards, all over the world. These applications can communicate with wearable devices over BLE or IOT.

Development Expertise

Interface Engines

Integrate multiple healthcare systems through popular interface engines such as Mirth Connect. If you are searching for solutions that help in standardizing and exchanging health information & patient data critical for healthcare organizations, our expert developers will help you deliver the best.

HIPAA Compliance Consulting

Cabot offers HIPAA Compliance technology solutions and consulting in the healthcare industry serving clients across the globe. Our developers help you in protecting the patient’s valuable medical information in the smartest way.


We offer solutions to integrate EMR/ EHR systems with websites & applications hence automating secure health processes online. We help our customers to promote and scale interoperability for greater and more efficient access to clinical data by patients and payers.


We create secure and HIPAA-compliant mobile apps connecting patients, clinicians & healthcare providers focusing on personalized patient-centric care. We provide quality mHealth app development services to global clients.

Point-to-point Custom Interfaces

We create point to point interfaces with different healthcare application vendors to connect to internal applications or providers and their applications. Our experts simplify your efforts to exchange healthcare data by building custom interfaces.


We help our clients secure their data using most modern data encryption methods.While developing healthcare applications, Cabot ensures security standard compliance and safeguard confidential health data from malicious attacks and system malfunctions, regardless of the devices and integrations used.

Why Choose Cabot As Your IoT Healthcare Partner

Proven Expertise in Healthcare IoT

Cabot boasts a proven track record in developing and implementing robust IoT solutions specifically tailored for the healthcare industry. With a wealth of experience, our team understands the unique challenges and opportunities within the healthcare ecosystem.

End-to-End Solution Deployment

From concept to deployment, Cabot provides end-to-end IoT solutions. Our comprehensive approach covers ideation, development, testing, and seamless integration into existing healthcare systems, ensuring a cohesive and efficient implementation process.

Real-Time Monitoring and Analytics

Cabot's IoT Healthcare Solutions provide real-time monitoring and analytics capabilities. Empower your healthcare professionals with instant access to critical data, enabling quicker decision-making, proactive interventions, and improved patient outcomes.

Scalability for Future Growth

Anticipating the dynamic nature of the healthcare industry, Cabot's IoT solutions are designed for scalability. Whether your organization is a small clinic or a large hospital network, our solutions adapt to support growth, expansion, and evolving technological needs.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards

Cabot places a high premium on regulatory compliance. Our IoT Healthcare Solutions adhere to industry standards and regulations, including HIPAA, ensuring that our clients maintain the highest levels of compliance and data protection.

Customized Solutions for Diverse Healthcare Needs

Recognizing the diverse needs of healthcare organizations, Cabot offers tailored IoT solutions. Whether optimizing patient monitoring, enhancing asset tracking, or improving operational efficiency, our solutions are customizable to meet the unique requirements of each client.

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Our Engagement Models

Time & Material

Long-term projects

Best Suited for Long Term Projects with dynamic and evolving set of requirements and untested business models.

Agile Approach

This approach uses the Agile formula where one of these aspects—time, scope, and budget—is a variable.

Maximum Flexibility

Best Suited for companies who want the flexibility to modify the scope or vary the workloads.

Dedicated Teams

Full Service Development Teams

We offer a complete setup where you get access to the best tech and management talent (developers, UI/UX experts,project managers).

Cost Effective

We take care of the costs associated with the hiring process while you can focus on what's important- your business!

Perfect for Dynamic Companies

A perfect solution if your business is developing new products or startups without wanting to de focus the core team.

Extended Development Teams

Existing Team Extension

A perfect solution when your current project initiatives demand a few additional dedicated specialized resources.

Get Domain-specific Expertise

Our expert team members will consistently and cost-effectively fill the gaps in your project needs with an experience in latest / niche or domain specific expertise.

Dual Benefit

Combining the benefits of your in-house experts and our remote delivery staff with niche skill sets.

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