sales web based platform
Transitioning from the client's legacy Excel VBA based offline estimation tool to a web based one.

Web App and Pricing Calculator

Cabot developed an automated system that comprised of a web-based tool and a pricing calculator for the on-site architects to generate project bid estimates for multiple environments, listing Bill Of Materials, alternatives, comparisons etc


The first challenge consisted of the domain-intensive nature of the tool - terms, entity-relationships, business rules and algorithms specific to the client, not just the industryThe second challenge was the information-intensive nature of the UI/UX - the requirements to be captured would be manifold, interlinked and the estimation views also very much data-heavy .Also the flexible, inter-organizational, and sometimes hierarchical entity relationships had to be managed in the data structures occasioned by the different partner-users, product-service combinations; ensuring the privacy and security of estimates. The application was also to be developed in one-month time frame.


Cabot’s Business Analyst team had sat with the client and elicited requirements and prepared the specification document. Our dedicated team of developers worked hard to deliver the platform in the scheduled time frame, including weekends to deliver the project within a month. Our experienced security experts assessed the web application for vulnerabilities and shared the testing reports with the client.


Cabot was able to successfully deliver the automated system within the scheduled time frame. Thanks to our team, the client and partners have a secure, scalable, centralized system to create, manage and track estimates globally, allowing for easy updates and intuitive reporting. The client acknowledged that he was extremely satisfied with Cabot’s dedicated team.