Node.js is a development platform that is used to build scalable server side applications. It creates an open-source runtime environment, and though it is not a JavaScript framework, developers can write the modules in Javascript and create new ones. Node.js is perfect for data-sensitive real-time applications since it is lightweight and hence runs easily across distributed devices. Looking for some great resources for Node.js? Here are some of them.

1. The Node.js Official Website

What better resource for developers of Node.js other than their official website? It has an entire section devoted to resources.

2. Using Node.js Feature on OpenShift

As per developers’ request, Node.js is a feature that can be used with OpenShift. In case, you do not have an account with OpenShift, you can just visit the link above and create one, and then start using it with Node.js.

3. Tips on Working with Red Hat’s OpenShift and Node.js

In case, you need some quick and easy tips on how to work with OpenShift, then click on the link above. You will be taken to a video that explains how to deploy Node.js application on OpenShift.

4. Express - a Web Development Framework for Node.js

Express is a fast, minimalist Node.js web framework endowed with several features that you can use for creating web and mobile applications. It doesn’t obstruct the features of Node.js, but rather complement it, making it reliable while working.

5. Tracking Node.js Modules

You can visit this code hosting platform for collaborating with other people who work on similar projects like you. Being a GIT repository, this is a good resource for tracking Node.js modules.

6. The Perfect Resource for Beginners

The website contains some of the best resources for Node.js, and goes beyond the “Hello World” basic tutorial. The resources are constantly updated to keep in line with the changing trends, and the e-book can be downloaded for free.

7. A blog with Good First Hand Information for Node.js Developers

If you are a beginner in Node.js and would like to hear about the experiences of a developer, then this website would be a great resource.

8. A Step by Step Introduction

This is a very useful resource for those who want to go into details of the Node.js development process. This website contains plenty of articles and images on how to go about the entire framework, right from the basics to the expert level. This is one website you’ll want to bookmark and keep.

9. Learning How to Create your Own Node

This resource is run by a Node core contributor, Felix Geisendorfer, and you will find a lot of interesting and useful articles on how to go about getting the best out of Node. The website gives an all encompassing view of how to work with Node.js, right from the beginner’s guide to style guide, community guide and more.

10. Third Party Modules Resources

Visit this resource to know more about creating apps with Node.js, and the different modules in it. You will also learn about migrating from one module to another.

11. Books by Mixu

This site has some good resources for Node-.js developers. If you want to know about Node patterns and core libraries in detail, this is where you should go.

12. How to Node - a Blog Dedicated to Node

A community supported blog run by Tim Caswell, ‘How To Node’ is the perfect resource for those who want to learn the deeper aspects of Node.js. You have access to a number of articles written by people belonging to the Node community. The information is current and updated, with always something new for you, so you might want to bookmark this too.

13. Importance of Moving Everything to Node.js

This website has interesting articles on why you should move everything to Node.js. Refer to the site to remain updated on other interesting articles and resources posted regularly here.

14. Heroku on Node.js

If you have a Heroku account, this resource is for you. It would help you deploy, manage and scale your Node.js app successfully. The website is like a tutorial where you learn to create Node applications in the simplest manner.

15. Node.js News

This site keeps you updated on the latest trends in Node, including news, blog articles, videos and information. The website is practically alive with valuable information you wouldn’t want to miss.


The most important factor in Node.js is to understand the nature of the I/O and what you need to do to get things done. Browsing through these resources would be the best way to develop your Node.js skills and get up to speed. Interested in having a Node.js application developed for your business? We’ve got the tools and talent to get started right away!

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