Hundreds of savvy mobile apps have all taken off really well. Naturally, the trend is quickly gaining momentum and almost every business firm out there is eager to come up with newer and more innovative apps. Are you all set to develop a mobile app for your business as well? Beware of those unexpected expenses that may throw your budget off the track! You will surely land in troubled waters if you do not have a clear idea of the sudden expenses that might pop up from nowhere, as you go about building the app. In this article we have listed a few such money matters that you might tend to overlook, but should not.

1. Getting the App Designed by Experts

Some app developers do not undertake the design aspect of your app. A poorly designed app will certainly confuse your target user and the whole attempt will be futile. However great and innovative your app may be, it will be of no use if it’s not effectively designed. You might want to get an experienced app designer to work for you. Apps meant for general consumers have to be designed differently from the ones meant to be used by tech-savvy employees. So, make sure you communicate the nature of your target audience properly to your app designer.

2. Offering the App in App Stores

Be aware of the fact that you need to pay a reasonable sum if you want Apple, Google or Microsoft to offer your app in the app store. However, the fee charged by each of these stores varies. It would be better to anticipate this expense well in advance, than thinking about it at a later stage.

3. Regular App Updates and Maintenance

The mobile market scenario is under constant transformation that you cannot but go for regular compatibility updates. With novel platforms, operating systems and newer devices emerging rapidly, constant customization is most vital to remain as a hot favorite. Your customers too expect such ongoing technological updates and customizations. If you do not rise up to their expectation level, they may just give up on your app. Do not consider mobile app development as a one-time investment after which you can sit back and relax. In order to keep your app well-updated in the highly competitive app market, you will have to spend heavily on its maintenance. Sometimes, the maintenance cost may even exceed the app’s building expense!

4. Inevitable Changes in Development

Do not blindly go by the cost estimate that the developer has given you at the initial stage of the project. What they may have estimated might be a reasonable overall rate, but quite often, the real cost may end up a bit higher than what has been anticipated. Owing to crucial updates or additional features that invariably have to be done, the initial budget gets derailed. Every alteration requires more time and money. So prepare your app development budget with a little extra room for unexpected changes.

5. Warding Off Glitches

Usability issues are always likely. Proper testing should be done at all stages of the app development, to ensure flawless performance of your mobile app. Although often underestimated, constant testing makes a severe blow on your initial cost estimates. However, it cannot be avoided as thorough testing saves you from the biggest risk of people not finding your app useful. This one factor is something you cannot afford to do without, as inadequate testing may prove to be fatal at a later stage. Also keep in mind that with the introduction of additional platforms, testing costs may go higher.

6. Ensuring Accessibility across Platforms

If you are a beginner, you might not have realized that different mobile platforms actually need different programming languages. To make it simpler, an Android app will not work on iPhones. So, to tackle this problem you have to hire the service of specialized engineers and designers who can work on both platforms. This process will naturally be more expensive.

7. Taking Care of Back-End Data and Development

If you happen to be a first-timer in app development, you might probably have overlooked what happens in the server. You need to estimate how much exactly would be the development cost brought about by database and also server programming which involves registration, backup, sync, etc. If you are planning to go for a data-driven application, the data should get stored. Storing data on cloud would require hosting costs on a monthly basis. The cost would vary on the basis of the volume of data that get stored.

8. Making the App Visible Enough

Quite often, while calculating app development costs, you tend to overlook the cost involved in marketing the app. As you are well aware off, the final product simply will not fly straight to your user's mobile phone and get installed outright. Nor can you expect people to find your app all by themselves. You often have to hire efficient marketing support to make yourself visible among your competitors. Of course, you cannot afford to give it a miss, as even the slightest slip at this stage may be fatal. To be successful you need to communicate effectively to your target audience. Only then will they be convinced enough to download your app.


Make sure that your developer properly understands your precise requirements and builds the app accordingly. Nothing should be left to assumptions. Always ask for prompt clarifications whenever necessary. Right from the initial discussions, you have to be crystal clear while making suggestions to avert unnecessary expenses during later stages. Now that you know the possible pitfalls, what keeps you waiting? Charge up, be watchful and get started on your next great app! Want to get your app developed by a professional company that does not suddenly overwhelm you with hidden costs? You’ve come to the right place!

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