Mobile App Automation Testing

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As IT industry grows, test automation is the fuzzword amongst QA team. CABOT, achieved a balance between the automation challenges and the software test automation framework, by creating our own test automation solutions which can be used for any kind of mobile applications. Our goal is to provide cost and work effective test solutions using custom built automation test frameworks which will be generic for all kind of mobile applications. We are using the tools Appium and Winium for automating IOS/Android and Windows apps respectively. Our framework also supports Continuous integration using tools like Jenkins.

Our Approach

Test Automation of mobile applications has been a primary focus to enhance the efficiency of test teams. We heavily rely on different open source tools and different third-party utilities. CABOT has a dedicated testing team focused on continuous research and development to develop customizable frameworks on top of open source mobile automation tools to ease the testing effort.

What sets us Apart

  • Dedicated Automation experts
  • Our Automation team have in-depth knowledge of the Open source tools thus providing better automation solutions in mobile applications.
  • Customizable Framework
  • Our automation framework can be used for open source tools.
  • Report Generation
  • Stakeholders can see a rich test report in a common repository after the execution of each test.The report includes the time taken for execution and the number of passed and failed reports and even for defect tracking.
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