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e learning platform | develop e-learning website usa
The client required an e-learning platform for students and instructors

Web Based Platform

The website is raised to provide the users the best learning tutorials from different tutors and professors.
e-learning website development


Using an open-source third party framework for video conferencing was a bit of a challenge as there had to be a constant check on the framework updates. The other challenge faced was integrating the payment gateway which had to be compatible with the platform. The initial plan was to use Sadad(a payment application) for payment. There was a need to find a suitable gateway for implementing Sadad.
e-learning website development


‘Big Blue button’ was decided for video conferencing which is an open source web conferencing app. Cabot’s tech team had to constantly check and update the framework while integrating it within the application to avoid any issues.After researching for a better payment gateway to implement Sadad,solutions like ‘Payfort’ and ‘Paytabs’ were under research. And the other payment option to look at was ‘Paypal’. In one of the cases the test environment was not available, and the only way was to purchase it and after which only the sandbox environment would be available for payment testing. And in another case there were limitations in selecting the countries. So Cabot ended up using ‘Paypal’ for the implementation of payment gateway.
e-learning website development


The end result was a marketplace that consisted of a website for students and instructors.Students can view and purchase the courses easily with a convenient payment gateway from various instructors and view it later or they can also interact or collaborate with them in a live session thanks to the easy to use video conferencing app. There is also an option for the student to become an instructor and add their own courses.Instructors can create courses and learning material and also conduct live sessions . There is also a web based admin portal for overall administration and management where the admin can add or delete courses, users and instructors.