It is an online quiz application for basically school/college students. The application is used only 3-5 days on a month basis. Once the application is started, anyone can login from remote systems and can attend the quiz. The challenge was when the application starts on the first day ie; morning 10 AM, the system should satisfy huge traffic demands on the initial hours and the application must handle upto 8000 concurrent users in a cost effective way.


With AWS, we suggested a server architecture capable of serving network traffic by introducing auto scaling & load balancing. Combination of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling & Relational Database Service was suggested to form scalable clusters of servers. Client’s requirement was AWS auto-scaling, Mysql high performance database, increased concurrent users, reduction in CPU use. After each season, servers were shut down manually, thereby reducing cost.


A fault tolerant and highly scalable architecture was designed using the flexibility of Amazon web services. The architecture will cost much less than using native server hosting services by the pay-as-you-go pricing model of aws. This architecture supports rapid scaling up/down on demand, thereby saving amount spent on resource acquisition management.