mvp development case study-business management support platform
The client required a web based platform for own staff and corporate customers

Business Management Support Platform

The web application would enable the client's dedicated consultancy team as well as customers to manage business management related tasks effectively.


Client envisioned an enterprise suite of applications which would enable client’s corporate customers to easily assign and track tasks, access updated files and data easily etc. Client’s staff would be able perform all the tasks here itself. The core feature of any MVP needs to address a customer pain point. The differentiator identified for this solution were comprehensive diagramming and custom template features within the solution itself. The question was whether to code in some rudimentary functionalities just for the MVP phase or to develop from scratch lasting, comprehensive modules or to integrate a well established, good quality, albeit not cheap, third party solution.


The deciding factor was the objective of this MVP phase - not intended to be use-&-throw but launch a quality, value-adding, stable solution - a harbinger of even better features to come, in the fully-ledged version. At the same time, spending time and money developing from scratch is not worth the risk since the target market is yet to validate the features. It was decided that integrating with an established third party solution would help get to market sooner with less effort and gauge the market’s response as early as possible.


License to a suitable third party tool was procured and quickly integrated. The team could then focus on the unique, intuitive features which the client's extensive experience in the domain enabled to detail out. The tool would always be of use in the client's line of work. The MVP was completed well within the timeline and launched into the target market.